Job Search Success Tutorial

Trade Magazines (not required for CAP course)

…you will need to find one trade magazine related to your field. You will need to print out or photocopy an example of the type of information offered in the magazine that is relevant to your job. The magazines must have a website, and the magazine must be from Canada or the United States.

The trade magazine you need for your assignment covers information about a specific industry and are written by industry experts. Trade magazines are not written for the general public. Instead, they are written for people working or studying in the field. These are available in electronic or print formats. Every industry usually has at least one trade magazine.

For example:

Magazines like Maclean’s and Time are NOT trade magazines. These magazines contain articles that are written for the general public and have articles covering topics that are not specific to one industry or profession.

Trade magazines include industry-specific research, reports, and articles. The language used in the trade magazines may include industry terms, as the articles are written for people working or studying in the industry or profession.

Trade magazines keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry. They alert you to upcoming trade shows and conferences.  The advertisements are industry-specific, so you can sometimes use them as job opportunities. Advertisements can introduce you to new types of job opportunities to consider.

You can find trade magazines electronically and in print.

Serials Directory is a great place to find a trade magazine. It is an electronic directory of more than 250,000 publication titles, many of which are trade magazines.

Search for your industry or job title to retrieve a specific publication about your industry.

Anytime you see the “Find It” button  you can click it to see if Seneca Libraries has a subscription to that magazine. If the library has a subscription it will link you to the database you can use to find the articles from the magazine.

Serials Directory lists subscription information and includes a link to the websites of the magazines. Sometimes magazines have “back” or “archived” issues available for free on their websites. They may also have additional features such as blogs, top stories, video clips, reports, and more.





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