Job Search Success Tutorial

Occupational Research

… you will be choosing a job title with an NOC code and you will need to conduct occupational research to find information about your job (or “occupation”). Determining your job is the first step in the job search process.

An important step in preparing to enter the workforce is to identify and understand the job position and the job that you are targeting. Once you identify your occupation, you will need to conduct occupational research. The more you understand an occupation the more informed your career decision will be. Learning about the career you have chosen can help you decide if the job is a good match for you, including whether or not you have the ideal skills and experience for it.  Conducting occupational research consists of exploring your occupation and gathering information about it, including:

  • Job description
  • Experience and skills, e.g. personal qualifications, abilities
  • Education and training
  • Employment outlook and prospects, such as employment demand, projected job openings, proportion of full time work and part-time work, future trends, etc.
  • Wage or salary range

These are the free websites that you should consult:

1)National Occupational Classification (NOC) — provides job titles and NOC codes; describes duties and educational requirements.

How to search the NOC:

2)Ontario Job Futures — provides information about main duties, employment prospects and more.

3)Canada Job Bank (formerly Working in Canada) — provides information on job postings, occupation wages, current and future labour market conditions (also called projections, or “outlook and prospects”), educational requirements, and more.

How to search Canada Job Bank (formerly Working in Canada):

Please note that although there is a name change from Working in Canada to Canada Job Bank the features are still the same. The video still refers to the former name Working in Canada.

This is the Seneca Libraries database you should consult:

4)Career Cruising — provides Canadian career information on over 450 careers; provides job descriptions, working conditions, main duties, interviews, and more.

How to search Career Cruising:


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