Job Search Success Tutorial

Employment Agencies

…you will need to find an employment agency located in the GTA. The employment agency you use for this assignment must have a physical building.

Employment agencies are the middle man between the applicant and the hiring company. Some companies prefer to use employment agencies for contract and full-time work. Employment agencies save their client (the company) time by screening applications for suitable employees, arranging for job interviews, and checking references. In exchange for this service, employment agencies charge the company a service fee, usually related to the initial salary of the position being hired.

Employment agencies can also be called:

  • Employment firms
  • Headhunters
  • Personnel agencies
  • Placement firms
  • Recruiters

Employment agencies are listed in free electronic and print directories. Consult the directories below to conduct the employment agency research for your assignment.



For more resources, try the Career Development Subject Guide.


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